How auto body repair experts will paint your car

Dealing with the car paint and auto body experts is never going to be an easy thing to do. The process of car painting is most commonly done by an auto body repair expert at any auto body repair shop. The task of painting your car in a perfect way requires some special equipment which is being used for the purpose of car painting by most of the car repair experts and safety precautions which are required to complete the task of painting your car by staying safe.

Whether you are in the training process of becoming an auto body repair expert or the owner of the car and want to know the best techniques which are being used by auto body repair professionals to understand the process of your car painting in a better way then, we can provide you the best resource for this.

What are the techniques being used by the auto body repair experts to paint your car?

Required things:

The things which are being used in the process of car painting by various auto body repair experts are as follows:

1.    Air Compressor

2.    A newspaper

3.    A spray gun

4.    Masking Tape

5.    The paint thinners

6.    A buffer

7.    An electric sander and an air power sander

8.    Safety Gloves

9.    Safety Glasses

10.    Enamel paint or topcoat (the quantity of topcoat will depend on the size of car that an auto body repair expert has to paint)

11.     Undercoat (the quantity of undercoat totally depends on the size of the car that the auto body repair expert is going to paint)

12.     The dust extractor (not necessarily being used by every auto body repair expert but it can help them to keep the surrounding neat and clean)

13.     Clear-coat lacquer (use of Clear-coat lacquer also depends on the size of the car)


Following is the way which is being used by many of the auto body repair experts to paint your car:

1.    The very first thing which is being done by auto body repair experts before painting your car is car washing

2.    Then they use the power sander in a circular motion to clear the old paint. This process can work better if done from the front side to the back to make the surface clean and smooth as much as possible. It is because on the smoother surface the finishing of the paint can be done perfectly. After the completion of this process, the sand will be wiped out from the surface of the car.

3.    The next step is the use of the spray gun and the primed surface will be wrapped down by the rag which is slightly diminished with the thinner.

4.    By the use of same sweeping stroke 3 to 4 coats of the paint will be applied on your car. Every stroke took 10 to 20 minutes to be dried.

5.    After that, they will apply clear coat lacquer on your car.

6.    And the masking tape will be removed even the lacquer is yet wet. Once everything is going to be dried the last step will be the application of buff by a soft buffer.

Auto body repair experts use the advanced technologies which can help them to give the ultimate perfection to their customers. They always try their best to provide the highest professional services to their customers and it comes with zero surprises that the paint services that you can get from the experts are always the best and they will give you the high-quality services with perfect finishing.